Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #2: March 11, From the Archives

Fashion Journal Entry #2: March 11, From the Archives
In an effort to kill time before my trip to D.C. this weekend, I decided to do a set featuring an old look of mine. The photo below was taken by Carla Mallari of Cala Mari for nomad* at an uber-cute boutique in my former place of residence, Doha, Qatar. The name of the boutique escapes me now but I was there to see the collection of visiting designers Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson of Feral Childe. What'cha think of my get-up? :)

I bought this bowler hat at a store called Pieces in Berlin during a trip there in the summer of 2010. I'd been wanting one FOREVER and while Doha's fashion scene is definitely on the up and up now, it was impossible to find one there. 10 points for Berlin!

These funky pants I'm wearing are actually men's sweatpants that I bought from a store called Splash; a store that I desperately wish they had in the states because there were a few brands there that I just adored! Sadly, the stores are ONLY found in the Middle East; I wish they would share!

But anywho, I don't even know how to begin describing the print of these pants so I will just show you a close-up:

Aren't they awesome? I just got them back in one of the many boxes that my friend Marie sent to me from Doha and I am actually scared to try them on. A lot of my favorite pieces are now too small for me being that I have gained a good 15-20 lbs since I've been home and I will just be too hurt if these don't fit me anymore. I'll let you know.

Continuing on: check out the set on Polyvore for more descriptions of what I wore that evening (and click here to see the post on nomad*). In the set, I assembled a look more doable for warmer weather. I traded out the felt bowler hat for a straw trilby, the light sweater for a funky cropped tank; went denim for the vest, and the sweats were replaced with silk capris. 

I am forever obsessed with wedges, no matter the season although on this particular evening, I had on heels; and I am pretty sure I already told you I am not a big fan of purses. Fanny packs and wristlet clutches are my thang, and in the photo above I have a multi-colored one that I bought from Mango and used to carry ALL the time, no matter what I wore! The look I assembled in the set features a wristlet that coordinates a little better, though! :)

So that is all for this evening. Stay tuned; I have some more treats coming up over the next few days leading up the weekend!

Until then, keep getting your style on!



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