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Fashion Journal Entry #6: May 20, 2012: The Tie-Dye Abaya or "How to Get Away with Wearing a Tight Dress to Church"

You ever see that one fabulous piece of clothing and not only exclaim that you have to have it in your life but also find yourself unable to proceed normally in life until you own it?

Well, that's how I felt when I saw this printed dress from Zara when it first premiered back in February:

Isn't it awesome?? :)
It was desire at first sight! Not only did I love the gorgeous tie-dye print, but the cut and style of the dress reminded me of the abaya that my Arab/Muslim girlfriends wear in the Middle East!

The classy, the elegant, the timeless abaya
I happen to be a big fan of the abaya and used to wear them all the time when I lived in Doha! In fact, I have one hanging in my closet as we speak, just waiting to make its stateside debut. I think I will actually blog about the abaya soon and speak on why every woman needs one in her wardrobe, regardless of religion (or lack thereof). But let's talk about this tie-dyed beauty from Zara for now!

I went through hell and high water to get this dress! Well, not really...but it was quite frustrating because when they first showed it in the March Lookbook on the Zara website, they didn't list the price or have a link to where you could view other angles of the dress. I would check the website daily for weeks and still nothing. It was just there. Teasing me.

Then one day, they finally listed the price and the link to order it, and lo and behold, it was SOLD OUT!! Like, I literally missed ONE DAY of checking the site like a crazy woman and the darned thing sold out! Clearly, I wasn't the only crazy woman out there! But come on, it IS an amazing dress! Still, I was livid!

So what did I do? I e-mailed them AND I called them! I wanted to know how the hell it sold out so quickly and how the hell could I BUY THIS DRESS!! Like I wanted to speak to someone at the factory where they MAKE the dress, I wanted it so bad! 

But the nice lady I spoke to assured me that it would be back online within two weeks so my crazy woman site-stalking began again! Long story short, by two weeks, she actually meant a MONTH but the INSTANT  I saw it available in my size, I didn't even check my account: I just ordered it!

Then when it arrived, because I live in Countrytown, USA, I didn't have anywhere to wear it! Until today, almost a month after it arrived on my doorstep. And where did I wear it? To church!

So, if you read my last post, you will know that I gained about 15 lbs since moving back home from the Middle East last June. Still, there a few pieces of clothing I am not yet willing to part with; one being the green dress I bought from Mango last year, my birthday dress:

My Farewell/Birthday Party with My Girls! Love this pic!! <3
Even 15lbs lighter, the dress was pretty form-fitting but now that I've filled out, it would be impossible to wear it anywhere without something to distract the eyes away from my enlarged derriere. That's where my loverly printed dress/abaya comes in.

And yes, Zara calls it a dress but to me it's an abaya; especially since from the moment I saw it, I knew that would be the best if not the only way to wear it! Even the girl on the website's advert for it is wearing it more like a long shirt (or a "shacket": shirt + jacket)! So yes, I rocked my tie-dyed abaya at church today and it was a big hit!

I love how it flows in the wind!
As you can see, I wore the same bad ass platform sandals from Zara that I wore to my sister's graduation last weekend, and for my accessories, I carried a purple leather clutch from Aldo (which was a birthday gift given to me back in 2007) and I wore one of my new favorite chunky rings from Taar Jhay (Target):

Photos courtesy of my little sis Carlisa!
Earrings: oldies but goodies from Accessorize; sunglasses from JCPenney
I was thinking of wearing a yellow scarf on my head as a turban but when I tossed it over my shoulder while I pulled my hair up, I actually liked how it looked just draped like that so I kept it that way. Thought it added an additional Eastern flavor to the look; so in the end I was kind of paying homage to both the Middle Eastern abaya and the Indian sari!

What you think girl? (*smacks lips*) Cute?
Thank God for Sundays or else I'd probably never have anything to post on here! I'm working on developing a social life, I really am! 

Until then, though, in the words of my girl Miss Prada, ya'll keep it cute, ya'll keep it cute, ya'll keep it cute!! :)



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