Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fashion Week Street Style Inspired

Fashion Week Street Style

Style set contest entry...rules were to create a set inspired by the featured fashion looks provided. This look in particular caught my eye. It's very casual and effortless yet very stylish!

After I created the set, I browsed through a few other contest entries and came across another girl who used this look in her set. She was able to find other photos of this woman as well and I learned that her name is Leandra Medine:

Photo courtesy of "All the Pretty Birds"
A bit more probing (via The Coveteur) led me to the new knowledge that she is an author, and more popularly she is the creator of the blog, "The Man Repeller". I then learned of this interesting term "man repelling" which is defined as such:  

"Manrepelling: outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.” 

Well, thanks for that, Coveteur!

(By the way, click on the link for The Coveteur above for some great photos of Leandra's style! And for more "MR" style, click here!) 

I took the following photo from Leandra's blog:

Here's what she had to say about her look:

Irony, oh irony. When I saw this shirt at American Apparel I laughed and rolled my eyes and did this weird thing with my tongue that tends to signal confusion before I yanked it off its hanger and took it toward the register. Part of me felt like a drug smuggler, but most of me recognized the silliness of this shirt–obviously, we don’t all post the same stuff–even though I did hope I’d find several variations of these photos that were taken on Tuesday to write a story called “I’m So Irreverent, What’s Up?” Black and white graphics look great with anything. A double cheers if the graphics in question muse funny or at very least, controversial things.

What I also found super cool is that it wasn't after I saw the other photos of Leandra that I noticed that the red bracelet on her arm is in the shape of lips...I too created the set with a red bracelet in the shape of lips. Aaaaah, stylish minds think alike!

Again, check out her blog The Man Repeller. I am in love with her style and will definitely adding her posts to my RSS feed!

Sigh. I can't wait to have a reason (and the finances) to dress awesome and just be fabulous for the fun of it. One day, one day! Until then, I will keep being inspired by cool chicks like Leandra!

Ciao babies! Tis my bedtime! More posts soon!



Midnight Garden Wedding, Love Under the Stars

Midnight Garden Wedding, Love Under the Stars

Okay, so last night while looking online wedding dresses, as I do every time I watch "Say Yes to the Dress", I came across this magnificentness:

Dahlia Strapless Open-Back V-neck Gown
Isn't this the most awesome wedding gown ever?? Now, I am not sure I would ever get married in such a dress; hell, it costs over $7000 and I want a dress that is a bit more practical; however, if I had the chance to just go all out, I would!

The first thing I love about it is that IT ISN'T WHITE! I know I will not get married in a white dress or an off-white, ivory, cream, none of the above. And on her website, Vera Wang showcases her Spring 2013 line which has a lot more unconventionally colorful bridal gowns for the unconventional bride to be.

Cardinal Strapless Ball Gown
Crimson Strapless Mermaid Gown
Similar to the style above:

Vermillion Strapless Mermaid Gown
I love the color of this one! And finally here is one more that is a bit too avant-garde for my taste but unique nonetheless:

Crimson Strapless Mermaid Gown
I am all about non-traditional wedding dresses and Vera Wang seems to be the leader in the game as far as these dresses go! There are a few on her Fall 2012 line that are equally awesome, a lot champagne and black; again, very non-traditional. 

I think I may start a wedding dress fund from now, see how much I can save up over the next three to five years...yes, I have given myself a marriage timeline, a-thank you.

In the meantime, stay tuned...I have a few more posts coming your way. Some random sets I've been working on on Polyvore and I may try to get a style post in one of these days!

To the few of you who do read my blog, I thank you and I appreciate you! Virtual hugs and kissies! <3

Off to continue being inspired by love! Be well, my pretties!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

A KrystaNalis Interior Design Color Board: Bathroom

A KrystaNalis Interior Design Color Board: Bathroom

So I went and saw what I hope to be my new super-cute apartment and my imagination has started running wild! I have been gathering ideas on how I want to decorate each room, and the first room I have created a color board for is the bathroom.

The bathroom in the apartment has a very basic khaki colored wall and even now as I imagine it, I am imagining the wall in a vibrant green. I really hope they let me paint the wall. I am not sure if I would put green rugs instead of painting the wall but the color of these rugs below (from Target) is very close to what I would like on the wall:

I love this green; it is a lot of fun and works year round!  Target calls it a "spinach green"; I've been looking at colors on the Behr website; I may go and pick up a few samples this weekend.

I chose the colors coral, cream and chocolate brown as my accent colors. I think they complement the green beautifully.  In the set, I featured a coral shower curtain from Anthropologie, which is actually WAAAY more than what I would pay for a shower curtain but I love the color and the flower detail:

They are asking $128 for this thing...I'll pass.

So many people do a sea theme in the bathroom, what with there being water and all and I certainly didn't want to go there in my bathroom. I was actually interested in leaning more towards tribal influences and green nature; however, this coral rug by Thomas Paul is just the bomb...I wish it wasn't so freaking expensive (the 3x5 is like $350) but I hope to find a cheaper version and in a plush bathroom version:

Isn't it awesome? I really love this rug; I just think it would look great on the floor in between the tub and sink. Plus, although it is a coral print, the color and style would still flow with animal print/inspired hand towels I fell in love with; also by Thomas Paul:

They are also a bit pricey but I think I will splurge on these. There is a matching shower curtain and bath mat as well but I think that will be a bit excessive; I'm already mixing a variety of themes as it is!

One thing I am certain of is the color scheme. Because there aren't any windows in the bathroom, I have to find another way to bring light and life to the room. Aside from the cozy colors, I want to bring in some elements of garden nature. 

Perhaps a few bamboo stalks for the corner, a poppy in a small glass vase on the sink, a bonsai tree on the toilet. I don't know but plants and flowers brighten up any room and because the bathroom is often seen as a sanctuary, I want to make it as zen as possible. I'm quite interested in hinoki bath products, if anyone is wondering about housewarming gifts! ;)

We'll see...the board above is just a starting point; I know the execution will depend greatly on what is readily available to me here so stay tuned. You will definitely be updated as the process kicks off and I can't WAIT to show you the final product...let me move in first! :p

In the meantime, off to plan my kitchen! I had a few things I wanted as accessories, mostly from ModCloth but my man thought they were a bit juvenile and though I still have time, I have to start thinking in terms of what things will reflect my style but still be transferable when I get to the day of cohabitation. Still though, how cute are these items:


Don't you just want it all?? More details in the next post! Until then, stay sweet, friends...and join me in prayer for this new place! It would literally be a dream come true; check my Tumblr post (hyperlinked in the words "super-cute apartment" above to see what I mean!)

Ciao bellas...I have a kitchen to imagine...<3