Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fashion Film of the Day: "Pretty in Pink"

Just get in from the gym about an hour or so ago; made myself some shrimp pasta (very yummy), and now I am downloading the film "Pretty in Pink". It should be finished streaming by the time I finish my shower.

I love this movie. I remember loving it back in the 80's the first time I saw it and I fell in love with it all over again when I caught it on television about three weeks ago.

I don't imagine I was as in awe of what the characters were wearing when I was 7 years old but this time around, I was paying more attention to the fashion in the film than I was the plot. Particularly Molly Ringwald's character, Andie Walsh, who I have since named my Honorary Fashion Muse.

Andie Walsh: Style Icon
I would totally wear everything she has on in this photo in this exact combination, including that ridiculously 80's hairdo. If you haven't seen the film, might I suggest you watch it for no other reason than having the pleasure of seeing this jacket in its full splendor. It's so awesome.

This photo still doesn't do it justice; you have to see the back: the back is magic!
Annie Potts character Iona also displayed an inspiring sense of style. The chick channeled a different era of fashion in every scene; rocking everything from beehives to obnoxious spikes, or topping off her look with a super-chic pillbox hat or a bright white short bob wig circa the groovy 60's.

The many looks of Iona.
People rag on fashion in the 80's but these girlies make it look so good! But the ladies weren't the only ones representing. Surely, I cannot talk about the fashion in this film without talking about Jon Cryer's character Duckie, who admittedly I didn't pay much attention when I watched the movie last month but will definitely be checking for when I watch it today; particularly because yesterday I came across a very good article on the "Worn Fashion Journal" (which I only learned existed yesterday; similarity in blog names is purely coincidental) that highlighted Duckie's uber-hip sense of style. 

Author Annie Fitz writes: "Phil “Duckie” Dale was the stylish guy friend that we all wish existed in real life, both so we could befriend him and raid his wardrobe."

Giving him a second look now, I would definitely have the agree with her. Duckie was hella rockin' Elvis Costello hair with the John Lennon sunglasses (which I just learned are called "teashades", a-thank you) and combined prints in layers like a boss. Click here to view the rest of the article; there are some great shots of Duckie and it's also a great read!

Loving Duckie's jacket and I am pretty sure I have some leggins like Andie's.

Still, Andie gets my vote as the person whose closet I would choose to raid first as her style is just so...ME! Her apparent infatuation with all things floral, adorable bowler hats, girlie sweaters and blazers and flirty vests; it all just screams "Kristen in the Spring!!"

I am so going to tie a floral band around my bowler hat and I am loving her layers in this photo!
Okay, I have to go now because it's bath time and I'm ready to watch the film! I linked the film above so you all should totally watch it with me! I will more than likely create a set inspired by the movie, so be on the lookout for that! And before I go, how many of you watch "The Office"? Can you believe that this is the young Robert California? Mind blowing.

Robert California could get it right now, even though he was a total dick in this film.
Speak soon, fashionistas!



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