Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Finds: Souvenir Tee and Rice Bag Backpack

Hello my dear fashionistas!

I know I haven't posted in a while! I just haven't been doing much so I haven't had any cause to post anything! I am currently on holiday in Myrtle Beach with the family! Yesterday was my birthday and ALL I wanted for my birthday was to come to the beach...and my birthday wish came true! And the best part is the fact that the weather man said it was going to rain all week! Ha! Sunny skies, all day, errrrrday! Take that, meteorologist!!

I didn't do much on my birthday...just chillaxed on the beach, got a great tan! Then yesterday evening, my peoples and I took a stroll down to the boardwalk, which yielded some mixed feelings. I hated it because there was nothing but kids down there! I think the age range was from 16-23...and they were EV-E-RY-WHERE!! I couldn't breathe there were so many! I felt so old! :p

But the best part was that I found two super cute fashion finds. The first is the classic souvenir shirt. I knew I wanted something that said Myrtle Beach on it but most souvenir items are so corny. Coffee mugs, ashtrays, picture frames, boring-t-shirts. But I found this adorable tie-dyed half top from one of the shops on the strip; I can't remember the name of the shop, but isn't the shirt just lovely?

Here are a few shots of me wearing it on the beach with my bathing suit:

Isn't it cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute? It was on sale for $9.99 AND it was buy one, get one free so my sister got one as well. She picked out a blank one actually and had a design added to it (there were like about 70 or so to choose from); I picked out a nice one for her:

Nia Fashionista, winner of the Blog Cat Awards, ladies and gentlemen! ;)
Next stop was a shop called Good Vibes; it sold things like incense, bongs, Bob Marley posters and t-shirts, lighters, etc. I was only planning to buy some Nag Champa incense as I have been looking for it FOREVER, but I kept finding myself gravitating towards this totally awesome backpack. I learned that it is made of 100% recycled rice bags. It cost $32.99 and at first I questioned if it was worth it. But then I decided that I owed it to myself for my I GOT IT!!

I love that the bag matched so perfectly with what I wore last night. It's my new favorite bag; it's just sooooooooooo me! Plus, it made me feel like I was actually somewhere, other than South Carolina. I normally only find unique things like this on my foreign travels so for a brief moment, I was transported. Maybe it will have this same effect every time I wear the bag! We'll see...I certainly hope so!! :)

So yes, that's all I have for you for now! I still have a lot cute things I bought that I can't wait to wear to show you! Hopefully next week, as my sister is in town so we may be setting up some photo ops while she's around!

So stay tuned! Off to enjoy the last few moments of my vacation! Ciao, bellas!!!



Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashion Tutorials of the Day: Fun with Scarves

This first video is by Shirley B. of! I came across this video while looking for different ways to tie my hair. I love her cute accent and she definitely has me wanting to take MY extensions out; and for the same reasons she mentions at the beginning of this vid!

Shirley's video reminded me of a clever video I came across months ago; only this time, the young lady featured (Wendy Nguyen is her name) is showing us different ways to wear scarves around our neck. Yes, it is summer now and I don't imagine we want anything around our necks right now, I still wanted to share it because I think it's awesome!

Check out more of Wendy at Wendy's Lookbook. I love her style; so simple and cute!

Okay, off to bed for real this time! Just wanted to share these videos! We'll chat again soon!

Good night, my lovelies! :)



Style on My Mind: Random Ramblings

Greetings friends and fashionistas!

I haven't been posting much lately as JCPenney has finally seemed to acknowledge that I work there and as a result have given me proper hours on the schedule. Plus, outside of work, my social life has pretty much been at a normal; however this will change over the next week or so.

I have been really excited about my trip to Myrtle Beach next week and am praying to our Heavenly Father that we are blessed with gorgeous weather! The weather reports have been trying to dampen our spirits but we aren't going to let them be victorious! There shall be sunny skies...oh yes...there shall be sunny skies!

In the meantime, I am totally trying to organize my wardrobe. Those who know me know that I like to plan/pack way in advance for my trips. It has been difficult this go round, though because none of my bathing suits fit me anymore. My tops are okay but my bikini bottoms now fit me like thongs (not a good look). So I am on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit...but what kind to buy?

Because I like to tan as much of my body as possible, I have always been a big fan of bikinis. Now, I am more drawn to the vintage bathing suits of the good old days.

How gorgeous is this photo?
Classic, timeless, ultra-feminine! I am just in love with the high-waist swim bottoms that the lovely on the far left is wearing. Plus, as someone who isn't too keen on having all the cheeks out while vacationing with family, the boycut short, skort and swimdress styles are what I am all about right now.

I saw this super-cute suit in TJ Maxx the other day. It is very similar in style to the bikini mentioned above except it's navy blue and the bottom is a skort. But it had a cute bow on the bodice and the around the waist of the skort. Just adorable. It was a size 10, though. I may go back on Thursday when I do my holiday shopping and try it on.

I also see online that Target has a lot of vintage inspired swimdresses in stock, such as this simple little number here:

Merona Women's Shirred 1-piece Swimdress
It's available in a variety of colors and comes with removable straps. I read a few reviews on it, though, and many complain of the torso being too short. As someone with a long torso, I don't imagine this would work for me but I still find it simple and cute enough.

This one is also really cute:

Mossimo Women's 1-Piece Bandeau Swimdress
If you saw the inspiration board I posted the other day, then you would know that I am a big fan of the bandeau top. With my small top and full hips, I can see this suit looking really nice on me; plus it has some great reviews!

Naturally, as I don't have time to order a swimsuit online, I have to consider what is available to me in Fayetteville. I am not particularly impressed with the swimsuits at JCPenney although I did ring up a lady who found a pretty red swimdress for herself. I will also check out my favorite spot for hidden treasures, Ross (Dress for Less) and there may be some reasonably priced suits in Forever 21.

However...if I DID have the time to order online and had the finances to appeal to my expensive taste, then I would order this little beauty:

Teal Knit Bikini by Lover from Bona Drag

I am definitely on the hunt for the high-waist this season. I'm trying to get my pin-up girl on! Plus, how about this for a bomb cover-up:

Mara Hoffman Ibis Sheer Chiffon Cocoon Cover-up
I would wear this daily...
Talk about chillaxing on the beach in style! Arrrrgh, this is only frustrating me! I am ready to go shopping!! I will be sure to have my camera with me so that I can properly share the experience with you. I am trying to replenish my savings so I will definitely be on the hunt for bargains but you already know that I am going to assemble something just darling! Stay tuned!

On the flipside, I am also trying to figure out what to do with my hair. As you know I have these ridiculously long box braids in my hair and they are beginning to annoy the holy crap out of me. I desperately want to take them out but I think that doing so before a trip to the beach would be a bit counterproductive. So instead, I am looking into creative ways I can tie them up and away and out of my damn sight.

Shame I can't remember where I found this photo but I am loving the variety of styles she presents in this collage. Obviously, I am a big fan of all the turban looks but I can imagine the way she has her hair tied in the top left photo would complete my vintage swimwear look. That is, of course, if I don't bend under pressure and remove my braids altogether. 

We'll see. I still have about 10 days before we hit the road and on 7 of those days, I have to work so I may not have time to do anything with my hair but I know I want something fresh and new for my birthday so again, we'll see.

So yea, this was just a random post about nothing to kind of fill the slots until I post a new look or Polyvore set! Oh, and I'd like to give a big welcome to my newest blog member Jersey Girl! Check out her blog at! She recently posted this photo of a new look she tried on her nails, one that I shall be copying, thank you:

Two Tone Manicure by Jersey Girl
So summery, so cute! I like!!

Well, my lovelies, it is nearing my bedtime so I am going to sign out! I hope to have some fashionable news for you over the next couple of days!

Until then, keep it cool, keep it retro!