Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #10: Pretty in Paisley (for less than $5)

So as I mentioned in the previous post, on the way home from the gym yesterday, I spotted my new favorite place: Hall's Thrift & Jewelry. That place is a fashionista's playground! I am going to have to go back next week just to snap some photos of Kyrie's (the owner) counter-top: just full of earrings and rings and bracelets and brooches...all for less than $3!! Wait 'til you see! I almost started hyperventilating when I walked in the door...just awesome!

In the back of the store, though, is where she keeps the clothes and shoes. I began digging in immediately! Like I said yesterday, I walked out of there with two dresses, two tops, a pair of pants and five pairs of earrings, all for $19.50! I wore one of the dresses to church today; in fact, it was the first treasure I found while shifting through hangers at Kyrie's. I immediately fell in love with the colors and the pretty paisley print! Check it out:

Sorry for the funky face; was asking Nia if I should remove the purple bracelet!
She said no: "It's not necessary but it doesn't take away from the look either..." :)

I love the shape of the dress as well! It was a perfect fit; not too tight, not too loose; just right for a summer Sunday at church! I especially adore the shape of the sleeves and the sweet little peephole in the front of the dress:

Kyrie picked out a pair of earrings for me to match with the dress; the color is perfect and they were only $1.50:

Wiping the sweat off my was HOT out there!
I paired it all with my coral pumps from Bershka and made sure my toes coordinated as well! 

Cute right? Here are a few more full-length shots:

And here are a few snaps from my sister's camera:

I showed these photos to my honey and he said I looked like I was an extra on The Color Purple. He was like, "Go 'head then, Shug Avery!" Silly man! The dress does have that kind of old school vibe to it, though; so I kind of took it as a compliment! ;)

I'm currently wearing the pants and one of the tops I bought from Kyrie's as well and as soon as it gets a bit cooler outside, I'm going to see if I can get baby sis to snap a few pics. If so, I'll post them later! 

I know one thing, though...I am only going to shop at thrift stores from now on...with the exception of my shoes...gotta buy top quality shoes...just gotta! I'm also going to post some pics of baby sis later as today she was "head to toe thrift" and she looked just gorgeous. Here's a little sneak peek:

There's more cuteness where that came from. I would post them all now but for some reason, even when I save my photos in their rotated state, they still post sideways here so I have to post them on Facebook first and then rotate them there and add them from the URL here. So extra. I'll do it later!

In the meantime, make some plans to get out and check out your nearest thrift shop. I'm becoming obsessed; to the point now where I seriously don't even feel comfortable shopping in your every day retail store anymore. Secondhand is where it's at. Unless it's shoes. I'm a shoe snob. I admit it. But I am on a mission now to scope out every thrift shop in the Fayetteville area. I'll keep ya posted!

Logging off now...thanks as always for tuning in! More fashion treats coming soon! :)



Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #9: Pretty Skirts and Thangs...Part 2

Okay, so here I am...trying to get everything up to date. I will admit, I have been a bit lazy when it comes to blogging; primarily because I am trying to decrease my time on the internet, so future posts may consist of photos only. We'll see...ya'll know I like to run my mouth! :p

But the following are a few shots of what I wore last Saturday, June 30, 2012. My new honey and I were going on a wee road trip and I wanted to wear something light and comfy. I added a few accessories for the need for all the extra embellishments if I am just going to be in the car for 8 1/2 hours, right?

My favorite part of this look is the pretty floral skirt I bought while my sister and I went on our thrift store rampage two weeks ago (we plan on doing a photo shoot with all of our finds one of these days...stay tuned!) But this skirt was only like $2, I think. I paired it with a Pull & Bear tank, pearl accessories from Accessorize and my favorite (only) pair of summer flat sandals. Check it:

Lovely skirt from Tammy Stephens' Thrift Shop

Crackling pearl, pretty hearts and elephants! <3

Check my incomplete pedicure; the big toes were supposed to have black tips; couldn't be bothered!

Rose, diamond, pearl...all words to describe me, summed up in a pair of earrings!

So simple, yet so cute!
Another favorite part of my look is my hair! I love how much it has grown! It's taking everything in me not to color it! I want to rock my natural hair color for a while; especially since I haven't done so since I was in the 9th grade!

Anywho, baby sis was able to get some pretty good shots of my "lenf" while I was chatting it up with mommy:

Not bad considering I was bald last summer! :)

To switch it up, we also snapped some photos in sepia; here is a better shot of my elephant bracelet:

Another shot of my $2 skirt:

And this is one of my favorite snaps of the day; not sure why...there is just something kind of vintage about it, I guess. I feel like I may look exactly like one of my great great aunts when she was this age or something. I love it:

So that's all, folks! As I mentioned earlier, my sis and I have gone thriftin' crazy! In fact, on my way home from the gym today, I spotted a new treasure called "Hall's Thrift and Jewelry" where I bought two dresses, two tanks, a pair of pants and 5 pairs of earrings, all for $19.50. Why would I want to shop anywhere else? Photos coming soon!

I'm outta here, kids! Thanks for tuning in! Keep it floral and light!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #8: Pretty Skirts and Thangs...Part 1

Hello, my fashionable lovelies! It's been ages since I've posted anything; I've been a bit busy being all boo'd up and such! But I have a little free time at the moment so I want to share a few "What I Wore" pics with you!

Before I start, let me just say that all photos were taken by the baby sis Nia...she's quite the fashion photographer! :)

So let's get into it...this first look was taken Sunday, June 24 after church. You may remember in another post, I mentioned that I'd bought this pretty skirt from Ross that could also be worn as a dress. I've been dying to show it to you as it's super cute! Check me out:

You may recognize this shirt from another post as well. It's the same Miss Tina top I wore while in D.C. for my sister's graduation. I'm really into the whole tied up shirt look right now so I tied this one to give it a cropped effect, and plus, I just love these two colors together.

For my accessories, I wore this gorgeous studded watch that a parent of one of my former Pre-School students gave me as a birthday gift on one arm and a painted wooden bracelet I bought from Australia back in 2007 on the other. 

The watch actually doesn't even work anymore, which is fine because 1) I am not a big fan of watches and 2) it looks more like a pretty bracelet anyway, right? :)

For my earrings, I wore my favorite pearl drop earrings and my makeup was very minimal. By the time these photos were taken, much of the minimal was reduced to smudge but still, the natural face was my aim. I even took a very lax approach to styling my hair. I like the whole "just woke up and threw some clips in" look. I've been rocking it a lot lately!

Here are a few snaps of the full look:

The shoes I'm wearing are yet another birthday gift from my friend Michelle. We were in Zara one day and we both fell in instant love with these shoes. Much to my delight, as my birthday was only a few days away, she was like, "I will buy them for you!" Can you say, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" :)

This was last year and this was my first time wearing them. These photos don't really do them any justice. I call them my "grown woman shoes". These jokers are BAD!

Now you know me, I have to give my disclaimers all the time. In the following photos, I will show you what the skirt looks like as a dress. However, because I wore a shirt over the top of it, I wore a bra with straps. So, for the next photos, instead of blessing you all with nipple shots, I just tucked the straps in, hence the awkwardness around the boobie area. Still, isn't the dress just adorbs?

What you all think? Cute, right? It's one of my new favorite pieces. I wore it as a skirt this weekend but unfortunately didn't get any photos of it. Maybe I will recreate the look and have Nia take a few snaps for me to share with you. But seriously, isn't this just the cutest thing? I love the layers and the texture of the skirt; how it flows and moves when I walk. And it's just flirty and girlie enough, but still appropriate for church! I love it! :)

Now, I was planning on sharing another look with you but alas it is already past my bedtime so I will post it tomorrow, God-willing. In the meantime, in between time, keep it flirty and fun!