Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #5: May 19, 2012-Dinner with Mi Madre

So today I had my first dance recital with the Alpha & Omega Dance Company here in Fayetteville, and to celebrate my mother took me out to dinner. Before I get into what I wore to dinner, though, here are a few pics of my dance costume:

Wasn't I just cuuuuuuuuuuute! Once I upload the video from the performance I will post here as well, so stay tuned! :)

So anywho, for dinner, as I was still feeling all girlie and stuff, I thought a pretty skirt and top would do the trick. My mother bought me this super cute skirt from Talbots last year and I'd been waiting for the right time (and the right top) to wear it. Tonight seemed fitting and I actually pulled out an old friend to pair with it; I think it worked quite well! What do you think?

I suck at posing by the way; I kind of just stand and smile so forgive the slight frumpiness. But what do you think of this top? It's actually a gift from my friend and former roommate Melanie and it was designed by one of her friends in New York named Mia Kim. I've had the shirt for about three or four years methinks and it's still one of my favorites. I was so worried that the 15 lbs I've gained since I've been home would deem the shirt too "toight" but it still fits well. Here is a shot of the back of it:

Top by Mia Kim Designs
Pretty cool, huh?

For my accessories, I kept it flirty with a matching rose and pearl earrings and necklace set, a beaded charm bracelet, and a shimmery bow purse, all from Accessorize:

Sorry; I feel weird smiling for self-portraits; but how you like the earrings and necklace? :)
Shout out to Moms for the bomb accessory shot
I have had this bracelet for ages and I love how it just pulled everything together; all of the colors of my outfit were represented! The purse, the skirt, the top...even my fingernails!

A perfect match!
My favorite part of this bracelet is that splash of green!
For my shoes, I wore my new favorite sandals! You've seen them already in another post, and I am loving how they are just working with everything I put on lately; especially considering how skeptical I was when my mother first presented them to me. I was going to wear heels but I knew I was about to go and stuff myself until I was unable to walk properly, so I needed to make sure my feet could accommodate my soon-to-be wobbly body!

"Thataway" by China Glaze on the toes!
So yea, I don't know about ya'll but I thought I looked cute enough! Nothing too fancy or too jazzy. Simply cute! And I think I did pretty good considering that I put it all together in less than five minutes! Here are a few shots from my mini-photoshoot with my Mom!

Pretty in peach!

That's all folks! I MAY do a Polyvore set for this look; not sure yet! But in the meantime, in between time, stay classy, my darlings!



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  1. Cute outfit! And congratulations on your dance recital!