Monday, May 21, 2012

Fashion Journal Style Icon: Folake Huntoon

You know that expression: "Don't hate...appreciate"? Well, you ever meet or see people that make this difficult for you? I mean, don't get me wrong...I'm no hater. I don't even like the terminology. But seriously, this girl here makes me kind of hate my life right now!

Her name is Folake Kuye Huntoon and she is the creator of the blog "The Style Pantry". She is also a Chictopia "Style Icon" and her Facebook page has over 26,000 fans! 

I am so in love with her style. I have seen photos of her over the past year or so, reblogged on Tumblr and things like that, but I became more permanently fixated with her after I ordered my tie-dyed dress from Zara (the one I blogged about yesterday) and my sister sent me this photo, asking if it was the same one:

Folake rockin' the Zara Printed Dress/Abaya! Photo courtesy of Chictopia

Hmmm, I'm scared to ask "Who wore it best?" (*cough-ME!* Just kidding! I think we both killed it; she repped for the casual chic while I dressed it up a bit! ;) But it looks like stylish minds think alike as she also wore it abaya-style!

Last night, though, while looking for blogs to add to my reading list, I was reminded of Folake and went in search of her again. This is how I learned of her Chictopia and Facebook pages, and was led to her style gallery...which in turn led to my mild depression. #jokes

Everything about this girl's style reminds me of all the things I want to be and do with my life. I feel so stifled with my style here in Fayetteville as there aren't any unique boutiques here and even if I did want to get super-cute, I wouldn't have anywhere to go! 

How I wish I lived somewhere that I could experiment with my style and play with colors and textures and shapes and layers and most importantly, be able to go to shops that sell those one-of-a-kind pieces I so desperately crave. Here I do all of my shopping where I work: JCPenney...which has made a come up over the years, mind you.

But enough of my whining. The main point I wanted to get across is that Folake is definitely one of my style inspirations at the moment. It's kind of frustrating, though, because in my quest for establishing my own style identity, I actually try NOT to look to others as I don't want to find myself mimicking or copying.

However, I find it difficult to NOT gaze for hours upon hours at Folake's unique portfolio, primarily because I see so much of my style aspirations in her! The girl seems to have a field day with colors and prints, and hers is a style that could never fit into a box.

She's not preppy...she's not hippie...she's not bohemian...she's not 70's soul. She is all those things combined with an extra dash of individuality and pizazz! And her beautiful brown skin, full lips, and shiny curls only add to the mix...the girl is just gorgeous!

And I was just being facetious at the start of this post. I love my life and truly appreciate the honor of coming across such stylistically unique individuals such as Folake as she inspires me.

As a working mother of three (I can only imagine how she dresses her kids), she gives me something to look up to, something to aspire to. I know my dreams are slowly but surely coming true and with those dreams will come a fully upgraded wardrobe! I know that may seem a very shallow thing to look forward to but hey, I am in the process of establishing myself as a fashionista as well as a respected and well-known fashion blogger. I have to dress the part!

By the way, the "Bright Lights" look on the first row is one of the first photos I've ever seen of Folake!
In the meantime, if you'd like to join me in stalking Folake's Chictopia style gallery, click here. I've actually bookmarked the page so whenever I need a splash of color to brighten up my day, I'll just go and check my girl!

Ladies and gentlemen, Folake Huntoon!

Although it was difficult to choose, this is one of my favorite looks by her...probably because it's so ME!
Until next time, keep it colorful, my darlings!!



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