Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blog of the Day: "Ashley GaGa, Personal Stylist for the Non-Celebrity Woman"

So I became an official member of IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) today and as a new blogger hoping to expand awareness of "The Fashion Journal", IFB has already proved quite helpful. I gained six new followers today via Google and Bloglovin, and have become introduced to some amazing new blogs as well!

One of them is by a young lady named Ashley GaGa who sent me one of my first welcome messages on IFB. Her message stood out among the rest as she didn't come on asking for blog follows with the promise that she'll follow back like some did. 

To those who did take that approach, however, I am not knocking you...especially since many of your blogs are awesome. But still, Ashley's message simply read:

That's it. Very kind. Very simple. And so unobtrusive that for a moment I thought she WORKED for IFB; like as an official member of their Welcome Committee or something!

So then I had a look at her blog. Because of the GaGa in her name, I was concerned that I may see all things elaborate, over-the-top and subliminally offensive as those characteristics commonly attributed to the "Lady" of the same name.

However, I was very pleased to find the total opposite of my expectations. I fell in love with her blog at first sight. Described as a "Personal Stylist for the Non-Celebrity Woman", Ashley GaGa offers "Industry candy from inside the industry": and how sweet it is.

Ashley presents everything on her blog: fashion tips and how-to pieces; a personal look into her day-to-day life (which includes everything from her spotting the Space Shuttle on her way to the airport to showcasing her modest yet unique style to highlighting music videos and publications she's been featured in); as well as general fashion news (latest trends, what celebrities are wearing, and how to get designer looks for less). I just love it!

Photo courtesy of "Eyes Awake, Legs Asleep, Wearing Pajamas to Dinner, Beautifully" by Ashley GaGa

Other than the adorable and easy-to-navigate layout of the blog and its diverse features, I am also quite drawn to Ashley's writing style. She reminds me of myself in terms of the conversational approach she takes to writing her posts. It sounds simple enough but trust me; not everyone can write in a way that holds your attention. I should know. I do read.

So yea, I think you should head on over to www.AshleyGaGa.com and check out my girl, who I do believe is based out of D.C., the city that may become my home in the near future (if not, definitely my weekend holiday stomping grounds...whatever is Your will, Father...)

She is also on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest; and you can follow her on Bloglovin'. I would link them all here but NO!! Go and visit her page! As a new blogger, she has definitely inspired me and has given me something to aspire to as find my niche in the world of fashion blogging! 

So, I thank you, Ashley for your encouraging words (she told me I am off to a great start :) and for introducing me to such an amazing blog!

Ladies and gentleman: Ashley GaGa!

Photo courtesy of "How To Define Your Own Style" by Ashley GaGa
Keep shining, fashionistas! 




  1. Aww, nice! I remember her messaging me also when I first joined IFB. Her blog is so nice, I am now following through GFC thanks to you ;-)

  2. Kristen,
    Thank You so much for featuring me on your blog! You just made my day with this post! It was so beautifully written.
    I can't hold back my tears. You have no idea how much this means.

    I think we both have great futures ahead of us! B

    We should definitely link blogs. Yours is already up on my blog roll.

    Here's To New Blogger Friends!
    Ashley GaGa

  3. PS. You should definitely move to DC. The blogging community here is super crazy and growing rapidly. Plus, there's so much to see and do. I know you'll love it!