Thursday, May 17, 2012

Style Spotlight: "Black Feather"

So as you may know, my sister Nia featured me on her blog the other day, and among the photos she posted was this one showcasing the bracelets and rings I wore out to Lounge of Three last Saturday evening:

It's a bit dark but the bracelets almost seem to glow!
I love this photo not only because Nia was able to capture my accessories so well, but also because it made me think of my dear friend Amna.

Amna is one of my creative muses. Originally from Sudan, I met her at a fashion show we were both modeling in 7 years ago in Doha, Qatar (my former residence). She immediately stood out to me, what with her gorgeous brown skin and big beautiful smile, and it was only a matter of time before she was hailed my honorary little sister.

This particular photo makes me think of her, though, because Amna is the queen of friendship bracelets and chunky rings. In fact, I even thought of her when I bought these bracelets from Aldo as her eclectic wrist style is one I hope to emulate as I step my accessory game up. 

And how fitting that I was just thinking about her yesterday and making plans to feature, or at least make mention of her on my blog, and today she has changed her profile picture to this little gem:

Introducing, Amna Hamad
Isn't she just gorgeous? And you already know I am IN LOVE with what she is wearing; Polyvore set coming soon! She has great style! This is a girl who can take a pillow case and make it into a dress and you'd think she bought it in a trendy boutique (oh, how I wish I had that photo)! And do you see what I mean by the bracelets and rings? Here is a closeup:

And there are like a million more bracelets and rings where these came from!
I am totally digging the colors in this photo. Her bright yellow nails, full red lips and shimmering turquoise necklace just pop out of the image as they complement her skin tone so well. And this is who Amna is: color. The child lives, breathes, and eats it! The following photo, where she is rocking a headwrap from Ethiopia and a tunic top from her native Sudan, offers a testament to that:

A true woman of color!
Here is another favorite of mine, where she is rocking another one of her infamous tunics and unique neck pieces:

She's just a walking talking masterpiece; a reflection of her artistry. I wish I had her portfolio with me, with all of her paintings and sketches; but I was able to jack of few of her pieces from her Facebook page. Although they really don't do any justice to the extent of her talent, you can definitely see the similarities in her art and her personal style:

I actually happen to own the painting above; in fact here is a photo of it in my former closet in Doha:

Accessories galore!
I miss that closet.

Anywho, Amna lives in Malaysia now, floating free as she does; but I so wish she were here with me, laughing and vibing on some intellectual space-age isht like we used to do:

Missing our talks, all jazzy and thangs!
Back in my slim cig days; I love this photo, though!
But we shall meet again, and in the meantime I will continue to admire and be inspired by her style from afar! Be sure to click on the hyperlinks within this post for more photos of my "Black Feather", a name I gave her when I lost a black feather earring of mine and she found and kept it! And stay tuned for the Polyvore set I will create inspired by the look from her profile pic above!

Side by side, getting our floral on!
Until next time, keep it awe-inspiring!



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