Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #3: Nia's Graduation (UPDATED)

Fashion Journal Entry #3: Nia's Graduation

Oooh, I couldn't wait to share this set with you! I absolutely loved what I wore to Nia's graduation on Friday and the weather was just perfect for it! The dress was so light and flowy; the shoes were actually very comfortable and although I didn't get new accessories as I hoped, everything flowed together quite nicely! 

By the way, for those of you new to my blog, my Polyvore sets feature a photo of myself with a descriptive list of what I wore and then I create a similar look with slight variations in color. I normally try to stay within the same brands but I can't always find exactly what I wore online so I try to get as close to the look as possible.

Be sure to check out my Polyvore page as well! :)

Here are a few shots by my sister; check out her page Nia Fashionista to read the Spotlight feature she did on me! :)

Ballerina necklace from Zara, Jessica Simpson purse, ruffled high-low dress with braided belt by Allen B.
Multi-colored platform sandals from Zara; "Four-Leaf Clover" by China Glaze on my toes!
Multi-colored scarf from Aldo; tassel earrings from Doha; sunnies from JCPenney
It's actually driving me crazy trying to remember where I bought these earrings (which also have a matching bracelet that I wore as well). I know I bought them last year in Doha to go with my birthday dress but for the life of me, I cannot recall which store they came from! Top Shop? Aldo? Arrrrrgh! It's so nerve-wrecking! It will come to me one day! 

Now, unfortunately, I only have one full-length photo of myself in my little get-up, taken by my cousin Tasha; however, thanks to Nia's amazing close-ups, you have a much better visual! So here I am, getting my Spring-time bright white on! You like? :)

I LOVE!! :)

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