Sunday, May 13, 2012

SPOTTED: Washington, D.C. "Sunny Spring Day"

Date: May 12, 2012
Location: Howard University Campus
Name: Selina

My mother, my sister Nia, and I happened upon this lovely lady as we were leaving Nia's graduation at Howard University. I could tell by her stroll that she was in a rush but as one of the things I looked forward to on my trip to D.C. was the opportunity to run into a person that I can feature on my blog,  I couldn't possibly let Selina get past me. 

She was the sharpest thing I'd seen during the two-day graduation ceremonies (next to myself, a-thank you), and I was sooooooooooo happy when she agreed to stop and take some pictures for my sister and I (Nia is also featuring her on Nia Fashionista). Eternally grateful to her; Selina is definitely kicking me off to a dope start right now. Check her!

"I happened to notice...a girl in a light shade of blue..."

When I first saw her strutting up the walkway, instinctively, the first thing I noticed was her shoes, and I let her know. By the time she replied her thanks, I was already in awe of her entire look.

Next to her shoes, which I immediately recognized from my dear love Zara, I loved the color of her dress, which I also thought I recognized from the Zara catalog. However, when my sister and I went to H&M this evening, we had the pleasure of being properly introduced to this pretty little gem. 

It's adorable on its own; classic cut, belt the perfect shade of pink. It's just CUTE!

But what really sets the dress off is Selina's jewelry; which I pity I didn't get more information on. She was wearing pieces that her mother sells. We were moving so quickly in taking the photos and giving her our blog information, I failed to get anything more than her name. Hopefully she will see this blog and link her contact information here! (Hint, hint, Selina, if you're reading! :)

I mean, just look at that necklace. How beautiful is that? The matching earrings. The gold cuff. She was just perfect from head to toe. Those shades of blue and green really popped in the backdrop of blue skies, sun shining through the trees, dress flowing in the breeze while Miss Lady here was pumping it up that hill. She was just so very "Sunny Spring Day".

Even her makeup was perfect. Just the right amount and her Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses only added to the class. On top of it, she was just a genuinely friendly and overall lovely lady.

"Behold...a lady..."
I wish I could have captured her sans the dark red bricks and oil-stained concrete in the background. My sister has some really great shots; click here to view her post!

I just want to thank Selina, though. For being so patient, for being so kind, for showing those who had the honor of seeing her on this day just what fly looks like.

Fashionista's salute!!



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