Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #7: The Lunch Date

Fashion Journal Entry #7: The Lunch Date
Polyvore set inspired by what I wore out to lunch with my friend yesterday afternoon. See post below! :)

It's been a while since I did a set like this, in terms of "decorating" it with makeup (in the colors I wore with the look, naturally). It's overdone a bit but I still like it! Hope you do, too! :)

Oh, by the way, some of the items used in the set simply represent ideas of inspired looks; for example, the cropped pants shown are actually wool pants. Not really summer friendly. But the cut and shape of them are just perfect so I had to use them. Let's just pretend they are linen!

The bag as well. Because I carried my Jessica Simpson purse, I decided to stay true to brand on at least ONE item in the set and this tote coordinated beautifully. However, it's a bit large; definitely too large for a lunch date but we are going to keep playing pretend and imagine it about half its actual size!

And finally, just as I wore my outfit both with and without the button-down blouse, this is set has been designed the same way. The coral shirt I used (from Pinterest; I wish I knew the brand/designer as I think it's an awesome top) would look great alone with the cropped pants. The blouse I used would look great alone with them as well. Paired together, obviously, the blouse would have to remain open, especially since the tank is a bit extra but in my mind, it still works! 

Be sure to visit the actual Polyvore link for more details and links for the items used in the set! For example, you must see those shoes in other angles. They are pretty bad-ass! And the detail on that bib necklace is just gorgeous!

By the way, I think I am going to start calling these sets: "How I Would Have Rocked My Look If I Were Super Rich!" I rarely look at the price when creating these sets. I just see something similar to what I wore and what I like and use it. It's normally AFTER I am done and view the details that I see the price; and then I'm all like, "Whoa."

Like those $8700 earrings I used: "Whoa." Especially when paired with a $7 ring! :p

For the next set I create, I will adjust the price settings before I start my item search to see what I find within a more reasonable budget! This should be interesting! :)

In other news, I still can't wait to show you the skirt I bought yesterday, and I bought a top from TJ Maxx today that I'm looking forward to playing with! So stay tuned! More glimpses into my style-life coming soon! :)



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