Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #7: May 25, 2012-The Lunch Date

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I went on my lunch date today, and it was lovely! I looked pretty lovely as well!

I didn't wear my new skirt as planned; and it's a good thing I didn't because my friend was very casual. Good thing I kept it simple as well...well, my definition of simple!

Pretty and cool in coral and blue!
Going from toe to head: I am wearing tan lace-up platforms from Mango. I am in love with these shoes and like most shoes from Mango, they are surprisingly comfortable:

"Thataway" by China Glaze on the toes: perfect match with my shirt!
The dark blue linen pants I am wearing are from Splash in Doha. If I remember correctly, they are men pants. I bought them last year because I needed blue slacks to go with my work uniform. I have never wore them anywhere but work and I haven't worked at that job since May 2011. I would have never imagined I'd be wearing them on some flyness; they were uniform pants, for crying out loud!

So not only was I thrilled that they still fit, but all this time I've had them, I didn't know that there was a strap on the inside that, if you cuff the pants, connects to a button on each side of the pants. Hellooooooo, capris!

Old pants worn a new way!
The coral/salmon tank I am wearing is from TJ Maxx. I bought it when I was doing my Spring shopping and I think I bought like three or four other items this same color: a cardigan, a few maxi dresses. It is just the quintessential Springtime color and I love the lace detail on the hem and the neckline: very feminine.

The beaded bib necklace I am wearing is either from Mango or Zara. I can't remember; I've had it for a few years now. I thought the colors complemented the tank well and pulled the pants in with the rest of the look. My bra straps are showing here and normally if I am wearing a tank like this, I go strapless or bra-less (my boobs are small, I can do that) but because I wore my cream Nicole Miller high-low blouse over it, I wore my favorite t-shirt bra (I like the soft roundness it gives my bosom)!

I also love how my nail color complemented the color of my tank. I wore "Thataway" by China Glaze on my toes but on my hands I wore "Four-Leaf Clover" (which my date complimented me on, by the way! :)

My ring is from Accessorize, I believe. Another one of those items I've had so long, I forgot where I bought it from. It coordinated well with the cream blouse, of course, as well as with my pearl drop earrings, which I know with a certainty are from Accessorize. 

Clearly, this was my favorite place to buy jewelry when I lived overseas. I was pretty impressed with the jewelry I saw in Target a few weeks ago so that may be my new favorite spot but if all else fails, thank God for online shopping!

I also pulled an old pair of glasses out of storage. I'd actually forgotten about the two-tone coral and green Emporio Armani eyeglasses I bought in Doha back in 2005. Look at that; I was rocking color-block way before color-block was the hot block to rock! And they looked super-cute with my outfit!

So what ya'll think? My new friend seemed to like it a lot! ;) But I want to hear from my fellow fashionistas! You like? :)

Stepping the style game up a notch!
Polyvore set coming soon and if you are on Lookbook and you diggeth my style, fan me!

We'll talk more fashion soon, my darlings! Until next time, remember, as my girl Janelle Monae says: "I know it's hot now, but hey, wait a minute, we gon' keep it cooooool!"

Okay, random: but that quote just made me go and listen to the song again and it actually has me in happy tears right now so I am going to share it here!

Okay, off to have a little private jam session! Vibe with you lot later!



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