Sunday, May 13, 2012

Styled by Kristen: "Nia Fashionista"

You know, I am really learning the fundamentals of this whole fashion blogging thing as I go along. And one thing I have to remind myself is to always stop to take the photo; even when you are in a rush.

For example, yesterday my sister and I went to H&M to find her something to where to this event we would be attending that evening. She already had the shoes; these incredibly awesome bright neon yellow Jeffrey Campbell platform sandals; we just needed the outfit to coordinate with them.

This picture does the shoes no justice. These look banana yellow when the are actually big-time NE-ON!!
I found her something super cute and as I was picking the pieces out, something told me to take out my camera and snap a few pics of the process. However, we were really rushing as our ride would be coming within the hour so pics would have to wait until later.

Luckily, with the exception of the jewelry, I was able to find pics of everything we bought for her last night.

The first thing that caught my eye was this top; here, the shirt looks "yellow"; but by yellow they mean BRIGHT neon yellow, just like Nia's shoes! Great place to start!

This color is very inaccurate but cute top, right?
Then a few racks over I saw this brilliant little cardigan! I actually wish now that I'd also gotten one for myself! (I may order one...hmmmm! :) For the occasion, though, the colors were just too perfect to pass up. I layered it over the yellow tank and it was a match made in heaven, if I may be dramatic. I showed Nia and she liked it as well! Sweet, two down; all we needed now were bottoms and accessories.

Super cute!!
Because of the black tie around the waist, I wanted to find her some cute black pants. I was thinking shorts at first but the only black shorts I saw were too...I don't know...flowy? Looked too much like a skirt and plus, it gets pretty cool in the evening in D.C. so she needed something longer.

And then I happened upon these really cute drawstring pants:

Nice and light and comfy and they looked really cute on Nia. I knew that because of the elasticated hems at the bottom of the pants, they would work well with the platform shoes. Don't ask me how I knew...I just knew! And I was right! More on that later.

For the accessories, I just pulled from the colors in the cardigan obviously, but I didn't want to get a matching set. For example, the earrings I found her were the same light mint green as the leaves in her cardigan, and I found her an orange and pink ring the same shade as the flowers and butterflies (not shown on the H&M website). I couldn't wait to see how it all looked together!

By the time we got back to our hotel room, our ride was on the way so we had to iron, shower, and get dressed in record time. Here is a snap of the pieces laid out on the bed before ironing:

I know the presentation is a bit ratchet but again, I was rushing like crazy. The necklace you see there actually turned out to be too long and a bit unnecessary; particularly since the cardigan and the draped neck of the top were workin' it enough. 

Unfortunately, though, I don't have any proper full-length pics of Nia (sad face). Here are a few I took of her getting her eye makeup done in the restroom. (MUA: our mommy! :) Again, I apologize for the ratchetness. Wait 'til I get my new camera and really get into the swing of things! Just give me a little time! Still, you can get a general idea of how it all looked together! :)

She looked so cute! As soon as we were getting ready to take some pics together, my friend called to say that he was downstairs. Then we planned to take a few while we were out but in the hustle and bustle of things, never got around to it. I think she may have a few on her camera; I will jack a few of hers when she posts them. Until then, here is a cute close-up of her:

Lovely, yes? I cannot BELIEVE I let an entire evening go by without getting a proper photo but this is a lesson learned. It won't happen again. But again, you get the general idea, right? She looked great! Check out the post below for the Polyvore set I created for this look. More pics will be posted soon! :)

And I bet you're wondering what I wore, aren't you? That's another story altogether. Next post! ;)

Stay fly, 'nistas and 'nistos!



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  1. Great job, madame stylist! I loved the look and now I have some great pieces to last me a long time in my wardrobe, WIN!