Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Look from my D.C. Weekend: May 12, 2012 (UPDATED)

I love when outfits just seem to come together.

One thing about me: whenever I go on a trip, I always plan outfits well in advance. I have my itinerary set out with all the things I want to do and I coordinate my wardrobe accordingly.

For my weekend trip to D.C. I had plans to go out with a friend on Friday, attend Nia's graduation on Saturday and then go out on Saturday night; for each event, I had a girlie girlie outfit for it, equipped with matching purses and stiletto heels.

Once I got up there, though, plans changed. The graduation ceremony was on Friday instead of Saturday as I thought so I rocked the all white then (click here to see the look). Then outfit I planned to wear on my Friday night date proved to be too much. Or rather, I was so exhausted after the trip and being out in the sun all day on Friday that I didn't have the energy to get dolled up.

I'd even already had a Polyvore set waiting and ready for me to add my look to it:

I may still finish editing this set as a different feature. It's a cute little get-up, don't you think? But that night, I ended up just wearing jeans and a tank; which was good enough for the laid back bar we went to.

But then Saturday came and Nia had another recognition ceremony going on. Problem was: I didn't have anything to wear! I'd already worn my graduation outfit and what I was planning to wear on my date Friday night was still too dressy for Saturday; or rather, I couldn't be bothered to wear heels.

It was a bit warm outside so I knew I didn't want to wear jeans. I could still wear my romper but because of the silver detail in the back, it wouldn't coordinate well with the only flat shoes I had with me, which happened to be some gold sandals.

The creme Nicole Miller top I'd originally planned to wear with the romper would have worked well but the colors just looked to dull for the day; especially considering the way I rocked it the day before.

So I decided to wear my Miss Tina shirt for the first time. Because of the deep auburn red color, I thought it was a bit too Fall for the Spring but when paired with the black, auburn, and gold bag I brought to go with it, it ended up totally working.

Posing pretty! :)
Let me just talk about Miss Tina for a minute. It was actually my mother who hipped me to Beyonce's mother's line. She was in Wal-Mart one night and she called me like, "Girl, you need to come up here and see Tina Knowles' collection!

At first I was a bit skeptical; especially since I am not a big fan of House of Dereon (although, admittedly, they have shown major improvements over the past two years). However, I was pretty impressed by the affordability and overall cuteness of the collection.

I bought the shirt shown above and a pair of boot-cut jeans. I was planning on wearing the top and jeans together this weekend and taking photos to post on the Miss Tina Facebook page but again, it was a bit warm outside and as you can see, these pale legs of mine needed to see a bit of sun!

I'm working on toning my thighs; not really feeling the dimples back there.
I wish I could remember where I got this bag. I don't remember if I bought it on one of my trips or if it was given to me as a gift but again, the colors worked well with my outfit.

I also wish I could find a better photo of the shirt online so you can see the little details of it. Because it is from her Spring collection, it is no longer featured on her website. It has a tie around the waist but because I wore the shirt open, I tied to strap around my bun instead. 

The ring I am wearing is from Target, which I have been sleeping on big time as far as their accessories are concerned. In my defense, I lived overseas for a very long time and I normally bought all of my accessories from Accessorize and Mango Touch.

But I was in there one day and ended up with a basket full of things; although I just bought two chunky rings, including this lovely one:

Photo by Nia for Nia Fashionista

Along with the photo above, my sister took some more great photos of me and has also featured me as a Spotlight on her blog! Totally made my life! Here are a few of my faves: 

One of my faves! Thanks, sis! :)
Plus one I hijacked from her Facebook page:

And finally, here are a few more outdoor shots from my camera; the need for an upgrade is so apparent after viewing Nia's crystal clear shots. It's coming, though! :)

Her Jeffrey Campbell's are popping right now; kind of stealing my shine!
Nia's last walk down the "Hill"! :)
So yea, although this is not what I initially planned on wearing, in the end it all came together nicely! Big thanks to my Mom who'd just given me the sandals I'm wearing a few days before. I didn't really like them at first; they just weren't something I would have bought for myself. But I love them now and wear them with everything!

Nia and I with our lovely mother, Karen: our style Queen! :)
That's all for now! Until next time, keep it jazzy!!



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