Thursday, May 24, 2012

What I Wore Today: May 24, 2012

I'm not submitting this as one of my official style posts as I was unable to get good pics. I totally need a better camera and a personal photographer. One day.

But yes, my mother wanted me to go to Hobby Lobby with her to find some gifts for her "Secret Sister" at church (like a "Secret Santa" but one who gives gifts all throughout the year) and as you know, I have taken my friend's advice and started using every moment that I walk out the door as an opportunity to "put on my $h!t".

So here is a little snap of my outfit, taken by my mother IN Hobby Lobby:

Chilling amidst the gardening accessories!
I really wanted my mom to get a picture of me in the sunlight so you could see the colors of what I'm wearing. This photo doesn't do the awesomeness any justice! :p

But anywho, the jacket is from Forever 21; I bought it about a month ago and it's becoming one of my favorite pieces. Here's a snap from the website:

Open Tribal Print Jacket by Heritage 81
I took a few self snaps when we got home while I still had a bit of sun to work with. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I was able to take some timed full-length photos but I think these pics will give you a better glimpse of the colors:

Don't say anything about my super white legs...tanning season is quickly approaching!
Now, before I tell you where I got my dress, let me just say that it's super short! I actually wore a pair of shorts under it, in case of any wardrobe malfunctions! But you know what, after living over in the conservative Middle East for 7 years, I'm like, "Bring on the minis!!

I am currently on a quest to fill my summer wardrobe with every color and style of shorts possible; and after admiring the way my legs looked in this dress, I think a few more "right below the bum" frocks are in order as well! ;)

So, where did I buy the dress? Wal-Mart!! I bought it last summer in fact, right before I went to visit my big sister in Atlanta.  It fit me a bit differently back then; I didn't have to struggle so much to pull the damn thing over my head and it wasn't as short. When I wore it then, I had it on with leggins. Click here to see a pic!

Today, though, I had the legs out and it felt great! I really love the colors and funky print of the dress, and it was just a sweet coincidence that the jacket went so well with it! For shoes, I wore my black thong fringe sandals (my toes were NOT cooperating today with the shoe shots), a few colorful bracelets, and some simple dangly earrings. Cute enough! :)

Now before I go, a little randomness for you. While in Hobby Lobby, I saw this bag:

The Mystery Bag
It was hanging over with things like kitchen towels and plastic dishes, and on the tag, it read: "For decorative purposes only. This is not a toy." Okay, well what the heck is it then? A potato sack? I figured it may have been something for the kitchen but I think it makes a cute purse, don't you?

This is one super cute potato sack!
I didn't buy it but I am thinking about going back for it. It was only $17.99; is that too much for a potato sack? I found it quite adorable! Yea, I may go back for it...we'll see!

So that's all for this evening! My mother and I went to Ross after we left Hobby Lobby and I found the CUTEST skirt! I can't wait to show it to you! I have a date tomorrow (wink wink! ;) and I am thinking about wearing it then. If so, you will see it tomorrow when I post my official Fashion Journal Style Entry. This was just a little glimpse post; you know, because I thought I looked kind of cute! :)

So, I'll check ya'll later! Off to get some beauty rest! Until next time, keep it funky fresh and always get dressed to impress!



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  1. Lol @ "do you think that's too much for a potato sack?"