Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #10: Pretty in Paisley (for less than $5)

So as I mentioned in the previous post, on the way home from the gym yesterday, I spotted my new favorite place: Hall's Thrift & Jewelry. That place is a fashionista's playground! I am going to have to go back next week just to snap some photos of Kyrie's (the owner) counter-top: just full of earrings and rings and bracelets and brooches...all for less than $3!! Wait 'til you see! I almost started hyperventilating when I walked in the door...just awesome!

In the back of the store, though, is where she keeps the clothes and shoes. I began digging in immediately! Like I said yesterday, I walked out of there with two dresses, two tops, a pair of pants and five pairs of earrings, all for $19.50! I wore one of the dresses to church today; in fact, it was the first treasure I found while shifting through hangers at Kyrie's. I immediately fell in love with the colors and the pretty paisley print! Check it out:

Sorry for the funky face; was asking Nia if I should remove the purple bracelet!
She said no: "It's not necessary but it doesn't take away from the look either..." :)

I love the shape of the dress as well! It was a perfect fit; not too tight, not too loose; just right for a summer Sunday at church! I especially adore the shape of the sleeves and the sweet little peephole in the front of the dress:

Kyrie picked out a pair of earrings for me to match with the dress; the color is perfect and they were only $1.50:

Wiping the sweat off my was HOT out there!
I paired it all with my coral pumps from Bershka and made sure my toes coordinated as well! 

Cute right? Here are a few more full-length shots:

And here are a few snaps from my sister's camera:

I showed these photos to my honey and he said I looked like I was an extra on The Color Purple. He was like, "Go 'head then, Shug Avery!" Silly man! The dress does have that kind of old school vibe to it, though; so I kind of took it as a compliment! ;)

I'm currently wearing the pants and one of the tops I bought from Kyrie's as well and as soon as it gets a bit cooler outside, I'm going to see if I can get baby sis to snap a few pics. If so, I'll post them later! 

I know one thing, though...I am only going to shop at thrift stores from now on...with the exception of my shoes...gotta buy top quality shoes...just gotta! I'm also going to post some pics of baby sis later as today she was "head to toe thrift" and she looked just gorgeous. Here's a little sneak peek:

There's more cuteness where that came from. I would post them all now but for some reason, even when I save my photos in their rotated state, they still post sideways here so I have to post them on Facebook first and then rotate them there and add them from the URL here. So extra. I'll do it later!

In the meantime, make some plans to get out and check out your nearest thrift shop. I'm becoming obsessed; to the point now where I seriously don't even feel comfortable shopping in your every day retail store anymore. Secondhand is where it's at. Unless it's shoes. I'm a shoe snob. I admit it. But I am on a mission now to scope out every thrift shop in the Fayetteville area. I'll keep ya posted!

Logging off now...thanks as always for tuning in! More fashion treats coming soon! :)



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  1. super cute! Wish I had the patience to shop through the treasures at the thrift store. Haven't been in forever so you've inspired me to stop by!