Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #9: Pretty Skirts and Thangs...Part 2

Okay, so here I am...trying to get everything up to date. I will admit, I have been a bit lazy when it comes to blogging; primarily because I am trying to decrease my time on the internet, so future posts may consist of photos only. We'll see...ya'll know I like to run my mouth! :p

But the following are a few shots of what I wore last Saturday, June 30, 2012. My new honey and I were going on a wee road trip and I wanted to wear something light and comfy. I added a few accessories for the need for all the extra embellishments if I am just going to be in the car for 8 1/2 hours, right?

My favorite part of this look is the pretty floral skirt I bought while my sister and I went on our thrift store rampage two weeks ago (we plan on doing a photo shoot with all of our finds one of these days...stay tuned!) But this skirt was only like $2, I think. I paired it with a Pull & Bear tank, pearl accessories from Accessorize and my favorite (only) pair of summer flat sandals. Check it:

Lovely skirt from Tammy Stephens' Thrift Shop

Crackling pearl, pretty hearts and elephants! <3

Check my incomplete pedicure; the big toes were supposed to have black tips; couldn't be bothered!

Rose, diamond, pearl...all words to describe me, summed up in a pair of earrings!

So simple, yet so cute!
Another favorite part of my look is my hair! I love how much it has grown! It's taking everything in me not to color it! I want to rock my natural hair color for a while; especially since I haven't done so since I was in the 9th grade!

Anywho, baby sis was able to get some pretty good shots of my "lenf" while I was chatting it up with mommy:

Not bad considering I was bald last summer! :)

To switch it up, we also snapped some photos in sepia; here is a better shot of my elephant bracelet:

Another shot of my $2 skirt:

And this is one of my favorite snaps of the day; not sure why...there is just something kind of vintage about it, I guess. I feel like I may look exactly like one of my great great aunts when she was this age or something. I love it:

So that's all, folks! As I mentioned earlier, my sis and I have gone thriftin' crazy! In fact, on my way home from the gym today, I spotted a new treasure called "Hall's Thrift and Jewelry" where I bought two dresses, two tanks, a pair of pants and 5 pairs of earrings, all for $19.50. Why would I want to shop anywhere else? Photos coming soon!

I'm outta here, kids! Thanks for tuning in! Keep it floral and light!



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