Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Nia Fashionista!!

So, today is my little sister Nia's 22nd birthday and how honored I was to help her via Skype to pick out her birthday outfit! It was so fun! Gotta love technology...playing dress-up through the computer! Who knew!

So because it is her birthday, I told her she needed to be as bright and colorful as possible! The first thing that came to mind was the  neon tank that we got her from H&M in D.C. Remember this?

Click here to see the post where I styled her before with this tank.

We first paired it a pretty purple skirt, similar to the skirt shown below but much shorter and without the black belt:
You have to imagine this purple with a neon green tank; the tank above is not an accurate representation.

I really liked the two colors together; and how she had the shirt tucked in made it look like she was wearing a a cute color block dress. But then we thought about the shoes she had to match with it (the neon Jeffrey Campbell platforms) and it would have been too matchy...and we didn't want to do too matchy for the b-day.

Additionally, I think for a day out in the city, the skirt may have been a bit too evening wear; and we wanted to focus more on comfort.

So the next thing she tried on were a pair of linen pants in a lovely deep sky blue; this isn't a clear photo but they are similar in color to the pants below:

Let's try to imagine these pants without these awful shoes; check the shoes below.

I knew instantly that they would be a hit with the neon tank, but again the Jeffrey Campbell's were in my mind and I just wasn't feeling it. It would have been neon-blue-neon. Again, too matchy.

Then I remembered the orange and deep coral striped Mary Jane style pumps from Poetic License that she had there with her:

My mother bought these shoes for Nia; you see where we get our style from, right? ;)

I had her try on the shoes with the pants: an instant hit. From there, the ideas just flowed. I was like, "Put on the neon tank." Instant hit. Then I was like, "Okay now put on the coral necklace I got you from H&M." Instant hit. The end result:

The Birthday Lady!

Doesn't she look adorable!!?? Her boyfriend is in New York with her all the way from Luxembourg; his first time in the states and they are currently out and about roaming the streets of the city! If you have Instagram, check her out @niag or click here to see her images on Copygram. 

Also check her blog page Nia Fashionista; the photo above is from Instagram, however she has posted more photos of her look (such as the two below) plus some fun ones of her and her boyfriend! 

The ring is also a gift from big sis, courtesy of H&M...another instant hit!

Loving this color combination!

In the meantime, I am off to create a Polyvore set inspired by her look! Be on the lookout for that!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Nia! Big sister loves you! And thank you for including me in your birthday celebration...even if it was only through helping you assemble a super cute look! Smooches!

Here's to 22 Years of Awesomeness!




  1. Awwww, that was so sweet. Thanks for picking it out for me and "taking me up a notch" as mama would say lol. I really don't know what I would've done (or worn) without your help. =) Almost finished with my post ;-)

    love you! xo


  2. She is so adorably cute!