Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fashion Journal Entry #8: Pretty Skirts and Thangs...Part 1

Hello, my fashionable lovelies! It's been ages since I've posted anything; I've been a bit busy being all boo'd up and such! But I have a little free time at the moment so I want to share a few "What I Wore" pics with you!

Before I start, let me just say that all photos were taken by the baby sis Nia...she's quite the fashion photographer! :)

So let's get into it...this first look was taken Sunday, June 24 after church. You may remember in another post, I mentioned that I'd bought this pretty skirt from Ross that could also be worn as a dress. I've been dying to show it to you as it's super cute! Check me out:

You may recognize this shirt from another post as well. It's the same Miss Tina top I wore while in D.C. for my sister's graduation. I'm really into the whole tied up shirt look right now so I tied this one to give it a cropped effect, and plus, I just love these two colors together.

For my accessories, I wore this gorgeous studded watch that a parent of one of my former Pre-School students gave me as a birthday gift on one arm and a painted wooden bracelet I bought from Australia back in 2007 on the other. 

The watch actually doesn't even work anymore, which is fine because 1) I am not a big fan of watches and 2) it looks more like a pretty bracelet anyway, right? :)

For my earrings, I wore my favorite pearl drop earrings and my makeup was very minimal. By the time these photos were taken, much of the minimal was reduced to smudge but still, the natural face was my aim. I even took a very lax approach to styling my hair. I like the whole "just woke up and threw some clips in" look. I've been rocking it a lot lately!

Here are a few snaps of the full look:

The shoes I'm wearing are yet another birthday gift from my friend Michelle. We were in Zara one day and we both fell in instant love with these shoes. Much to my delight, as my birthday was only a few days away, she was like, "I will buy them for you!" Can you say, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" :)

This was last year and this was my first time wearing them. These photos don't really do them any justice. I call them my "grown woman shoes". These jokers are BAD!

Now you know me, I have to give my disclaimers all the time. In the following photos, I will show you what the skirt looks like as a dress. However, because I wore a shirt over the top of it, I wore a bra with straps. So, for the next photos, instead of blessing you all with nipple shots, I just tucked the straps in, hence the awkwardness around the boobie area. Still, isn't the dress just adorbs?

What you all think? Cute, right? It's one of my new favorite pieces. I wore it as a skirt this weekend but unfortunately didn't get any photos of it. Maybe I will recreate the look and have Nia take a few snaps for me to share with you. But seriously, isn't this just the cutest thing? I love the layers and the texture of the skirt; how it flows and moves when I walk. And it's just flirty and girlie enough, but still appropriate for church! I love it! :)

Now, I was planning on sharing another look with you but alas it is already past my bedtime so I will post it tomorrow, God-willing. In the meantime, in between time, keep it flirty and fun!



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