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2013 New Year's Style Resolutions

2013 New Year's Style Resolutions

Guess who's bizzack...on Polyvore...and for a limited time only, knowing how I am during the week with work. But I love when there are contests on Polyvore. Not that I try to win them or anything, but because they give me inspiration for sets such as this one.

In this contest, we Polyvorists were asked to create a set describing our New Year's style resolutions. I didn't have very many as you can see but I will explain in a bit more detail the few that I highlighted above.

1st things first: jeans. I hadn't bought a new pair of jeans since the summer of 2011...I was long overdue. Just last week at Old Navy I found a lovely pair on sale for only $20 (photo soon) and I was thrilled with the way they fit. I am keen on buying more! One thing I love about jeans is that they are classic. They go well with EVERYTHING...dressed down with a t-shirt, dressed up with a nice blouse. And I really don't own enough. I forgot how good I looked in jeans...this year I plan to buy more...well, at least until the summer time...summer time is skirt time...have to let my underparts breathe.

The second thing on my list is my graduation from cutesy girlie tees to more mature blouses and tops. This kind of just happened without me planning it. I slowly but surely have found myself gravitating towards blouses and button downs; print t-shirts and things are primarily worn to either work out, lounge, or sleep in. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I am dating an older man and I just don't know how it would look me walking alongside him with a t-shirt featuring some cute animal or cartoon character on it; or if it's just my personal preferences changing. I think it's a bit of both. I just like how I look in a nice blouse. I feel I look like a woman...and I AM  a woman after all, nay?

There are a few parts left in me that likes to experiment with some more unorthodox looks and that comes through my choice of fashion jewelry. I still have my septum piercing which I can't wait to be able to rock properly...although it may be years from now when I am working for MYSELF and not on someone else's payroll. Soon come, soon come. There are a couple of other key pieces I'd like to own as well though. I call them my "chain gang" accessories. I am on the hunt for the perfect ear cuff earring set, a nose to ear chain, and a bracelet ring. Gotta have them! The most exotic piece would definitely have to be the nose to ear chain and the perfect one will be difficult to find...but I will find one...oh yes, I will find one. (Photos coming this space.)

The next item on the list is also related to me getting my grown woman on. I can admittedly be very lazy when it comes to doing my nails. I always keep a nail file with me to take care of the chips and unevenness but when I polish them, I have a tendency to rock the chipped varnish look for a lot longer than I should. Full polish or no polish at all. That is something I will work on in 2013. My eyebrows as well, although right now I am in the process of letting them grown back. I want them to return to their original high school super wide thickness before shaping them again but this transitional phase ain't nothing nice. Going to try to work on that as well.

Because seriously, you can leave out of the house in your damn pajamas but if you are well groomed, hair and nails neat, etc.; then you look like a woman who takes pride in herself and her appearance...and this is how I want to look at all times. I do, for the most part...but I want to do so all the time.

And again, it may be in part related to the relationship I'm in...but is there anything wrong with always wanting to be presentable not only for yourself but for your man also? I am at the point now where I won't even go to the store hella ratchet looking anymore because I wouldn't want to be seen by someone who knows him. "Man, I saw Kristen in Wal-Mart looking like who did it, why, and what for!" Ain't gon' be me!!

Number 5. I am going to buy some flats. I am not a big fan of flats, actually. The only flat shoes I have are sneakers. Problem is, I haven't seen any flats that really appeal to me. But I need some cute and comfy ones; comfy ones for work, and cute ones for when I go out with boo-thang so I don't tower over him. I want him to feel like he is taller SOMETIMES. I am not very fond of those ballet flats but I saw a few loafers online that I like and I'm starting to dig the women's blucher shoe. Not sure if I can find any nice ones in this TOWN I live in but I will check online. I get most of my shoes from Zara and there's a pretty good sale going on right now so perhaps I will make a purchase soon.

So that brings us to the last one which I already spoke about in my last post. I am trying to find a purple lipstick to rock this year. While creating the set above I was lead to this lovely sight where they have what appears to be MY COLOR for $15.99. 

It's called "Poisonberry" by Lime Crime Makeup. I need this color in my life right now. Id hate to spend $16 for it though only to receive it and it not look anything like this very enticing photo above. It's my color, though...this is the one!! If issssssssss the prototype! I'm going to find my damn lipstick.

But yea, that's basically it. Because I work so much, there really isn't cause for me to do much fashion wise. I don't wear 99% of the clothes in my closet anyway. But when I do shop, I rather like this shift towards a more mature look.

For example, when I was out shopping for something to wear to the Christmas do, I tried on this black dress at Ross. I will show you the photo and then explain why I didn't buy it:

Okay, so from the front, this dress is quite cute. Hugs the curves, I like the cut-out design and funky sleeves. It's adorable. But as you can see, from the side view, it's just a little too much happening. This is what Beyonce was talking about when she sang about a "freak-um dress" and I feel that when you reach a certain age (and when you have a certain body type) you should not have such dresses in your closet. 

I just can't think of any occasion where I would wear a dress this tight, even if my man was right there with me. If I was about 10 years younger though, this would be in my closet right now. But I guess this is a part of my style resolution as well. This dress is a medium but it is clearly a Junior's medium and I resolved a while ago to no longer shop in the Junior's section. I am a woman and I like to dress accordingly. 

There is nothing classy about this dress, really. However, if I had a flat ass, then it would look completely different and the class level would be raised. But this is all about dressing my age and body type, and not all attention is good attention. And I resolve to be recognized as the virtuous woman I am striving to be.

So yea, I couldn't fit that all on a Polyvore set so thought I'd spill it all out here. I think I have reached my quota for the evening. It's almost 3 a.m. I am all fashion blogged out right now but I will be back tomorrow! Trying to get as much as I can in while I have these few days off!

So good night, ya'll...again, watch this space as tomorrow I'll be filling in the blanks with more photos and examples of some of the isht I've been writing about. Time to lay it down for now!

Love yas!


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