Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Hunt for the Purple January

Great Jesus in heaven, I haven't written on this blog in aeons but as I finally have three whole days off and have no idea what I am going to do with myself, I thought I'd kick off my end of the year celebration by nurturing the babies I've been neglecting for so long. Full time work will do it to as my day to day wear consists primarily of polo tees and corduroy slacks, I've hardly any fashion reporting to do.

Still, what's the point of a blog if you don't write on it, eh? So no more excuses. Although this blog is visited by very few, I do like to have a wee scroll through from time to time, and I'd like to at least be able to entertain myself.

So tonight I'd like to talk about one of the trends I am into this season: the plum lip.

I have been on a serious hunt for a deep purple lipstick...and by serious, I mean spending 20 minutes in the makeup section of Wal-mart last weekend.

I have really been feeling the deep plum lip for a while now but was never really motivated to pursue it because of my lack of social life. However, the very thing keeping me from social activity outside of the world wide web is what presented the opportunity for me to finally play dress up again, for the first time since..................................................................well, since the last time I dressed up.

We had the staff Christmas party at Logan's Steakhouse last weekend. At last, a reason to wear lipstick. I mean, occasionally I may put a little color on for work but it's far and few between. And when I do, it's "Black Plum" by Givenchy that I wear. 

I have had that color for EV-ER and I love it. But it's more of a deep wine than a deep purple if you ask me. Here are few snaps of me wearing the shade about two weeks ago:

Allow me to also highlight the awesomeness that is my newly grown hair!
These photos were taken later in the evening, after the color had been on for a while but you can still see that it isn't at all the plum I have in mind. I want purple lips, not wine lips. Check out these inspirational photos:

Melody Thornton...I need to own the color she is wearing....she can keep the diva-tude, though.
Sara Ashouri: And might I also add that her hair color is AH-mazing!
The Moptop Maven
Isn't it purrrrrrrrrrty! And as you can see, this dark purple lip looks great on all skin tones. Again, when applied with my dark liner, my Givenchy lipstick gets closer to what is shown on the lovely blonde above, and I have been rocking that for quite some time now. However, I'm looking for something more...purplish, like what Maven and Sara are wearing. And I thought I found it.

In the store Revlon's "Violet Frenzy" appeared to be a lot darker than what it eventually turned out to be. Unfortunately, there weren't any samples there for me to swipe on my hand but it seemed, on the surface, to be close to what I was going for. I was wrong.

It's too...violet. I was going for something deeper, darker. I actually had to mix it with my Givenchy to get a little closer to the color I am looking for and it still wasn't quite, sigh, the search is still on. Luckily for me, though, what with my limited social life, I won't have cause to darken my lips for a I still have some time. I need to find it and rock it soon, though, as come February, I may want to go in a different direction...I am already predicting what my Spring color will be...hmmm, I may need to start looking for that as well! ;)

Anywho, I will take some better photos tomorrow of how each color looks on my lips separately as well as how they look together so watch this space. In the meantime, here are some photos I snapped before heading out to the Christmas dinner last weekend. (Don't talk about my ancient Nokia phone. An upgrade is in the works. Don't judge, don't judge! :p)

I looked cute, though, right? :)

Again, watch this space as I will post more here once that perfect color is found! For those of you reading, thanks for reading! More posts coming soon!! :)

Countdown to 2013! Ya'll be good out there!



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