Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lunch Date with My Beefcake Pt. 1

Lunch Date with My Beefcake Pt. 1

So my Beefy and I went to lunch today in Raleigh, and although it was rushed, it was still lovely! I'm still too shy to ask him to take photos of me so it wasn't until I got home (and once in the restaurant's restroom) that I was able to snap a few photos of myself. They suck...'cause my camera sucks...and I suck for not asking honey-love to take pics for me...but here is a wee glimpse of what I wore today:

I should have totally closed the stall doors first...but I was trying to hurry in case someone came in!
So the BCBG Max Azria sweater I am wearing was actually purchased for Christmas but as I sat around in my pajamas all day on Christmas, I was more than happy to rip the tags off of it today. I love the rose-like detail around the collar and I knew my babe would love the style and color as well! (He did! ;)

I have had these jeans for like 7 or 8 years now and they still look and fit great. Some of the beads are missing on the stitching but had I not told you, you wouldn't notice. I purchased these from a store called Motivi in Doha and because they stretch, they still work with my body. My babe loved them, too! Couldn't keep his eyes or hands off my bum! :p

My shoes are from Zara. I purchased them on sale in Winter of 2011, methinks. I've only wore them one other time before today so it was nice to break them in a bit more.

I kept it very minimal with accessories: ribboned loop earring from Old Navy courtesy of my baby sis and a cracked pearl ring that I've had for ages from Accessorize. Also from Accessorize is my little gold "Love" clip that I wore in my hair:

It took me a million tries to get that pic!
As featured in the set, I'd hoped it would be cold enough outside to finally wear my faux fur coat, purchased from Forever 21 back in November for a mere $7.00:

However, it was only 52 degrees today. Sigh, perhaps next winter for you, my friend.

Speaking of $7.00, Beefy and I did some window shopping after lunch and one of our stops was H&M where I found this loverly blouse:

This photo really does the blouse zero justice. It really is adorable and if you saw my post from last night, you would understand my true joy at finding this top...and at such a great price. Beefy was rushing me so I didn't get a chance to try it on. At a size 8, it's actually a perfect fit...almost too perfect. I probably should have gotten a size 10 but I doubt if he'll be driving me an hour up the road to Raleigh to exchange it. 

I can still work with it, though. And with its sheer material, it will certainly transition into Spring/Summer; cuff the sleeves and pair it with a cute cami, I am set! Babe and I STILL haven't made it to the movies so perhaps I will wear it then. I may even have him snap some proper photos of me this time!

Tis all for now, my lovelies. Back to work tomorrow so time to get into my evening meditation. Chat with ya soon!



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